I ​grew-up in the entertainment and fashion industries. This included all aspects of film, television, radio, music, stage, fashion, and print media. My aunt and uncle knew Walt Disney and worked with people who ran the studios in Hollywood and New York. My aunt was a fashion model and accomplished musician. My uncle's invention was a staple of every hotel chain across America including Las Vegas. Las Vegas performers were friends of the family. Since I personally was involved in the business of show from birth, I saw how different people handled talent. I liked best the Disney Model. In the 1970s I ​managed both models and musicians. I begin to consider those I worked with as a family of friends. Since the whole concept of show business was just something, I was a part of the whole money and fame part of the plan never was a part of my inner workings. In the late 1970s after the success of a single I wrote and recorded I ​started my own company to help others. I opened my doors to anyone who wanted to be part of what my company did with only one requirement and that was to be nice. As part of that requirement it means that you must be able to get along with others. I ​have a no drama policy. So, in short, I ​started my company because I am passionate about what I do and to help others who have that same passion and desire to be a part in some way the business of show. ~ Lance Britt - Founder Across the Canvas Productions

Across the Canvas Productions

Where Dreams Touch the Surface to become Realiity

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Lance Britt founded Across the Canvas Productions in January of 1978. The company since its inception has produced projects in various mediums such as music, series for television, works of art, short films, features, and published works.

It was a cold Wednesday morning in March, that same year Around the World in Eighty Days would win 5 Oscars, and just moments after his birth his arrival into this world was brought to light on one of North Carolina's earliest television stations located in the Piedmont Triad community. Only 9 years earlier WFMY was one of only 66 FM radio stations in the United States.

Soon after his birth he was swept away to Florida where he would spend his toddler years listening to music his aunt would play on her guitar and the stories his uncle and friends would tell about the bright lights of Las Vegas and the entertainment business.

By age 9 he had recorded a single about his girlfriend and played rhythm guitar in a rock band. He later went on to write 3 books and had a short story featured in an educational journal and was still just in Junior High.

He began traveling back and forth from California to North Carolina to spend time with his father on the West Coast and on the East Coast with his mother. While in California in the mid-seventies he began managing rock bands and recording his own music. He formed his first record company is 1978 then in April of 1997 sold off controlling interest in his music business and bought an entertainment company. In 2003 he reorganized his own entertainment and production company and renamed it Across the Canvas Productions.

Somewhere between all this he had a popular college radio song “Rage” in 1979, a popular rock radio song “Breaking Rope” in 1982, and a well-known sound track CD Broken Rocking Chair in 2001. He starred in The Dash Show television series from 1999 to 2004. He has appeared on stages throughout the USA for more than 5 decades. He is also an award-winning writer, poet, artist, and educator.


Blank Surfaces celebrates its 20th season 2019. The program highlights talents from in front of and behind the cameras from around the world. Across the Canvas Productions produces commercials and PSA styled shorts for various charity organizations to help those interested individuals build their resumes and to gain experience in the industry.

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