Blank Surfaces


Lance Britt is the writer, director, and Producer of Blank Surfaces.  The long running series  celebrated its 19th season on January 7th  2018.  Blank Surfaces offers an outlet for aspiring talents of all ages, actors, writers, directors, producers, dancers, models, photographers, musicians, comedians, artist from across the full spectrum of mediums, and all those who have chosen to reach for their endless dreams with a stroke of a pen or a melody of colors cast across a blank surface. The show highlights talent from around the world. Both established individuals and persons who aspire for recognition and who touch people's lives are featured.

In March of 2018 we began uploading episodes of Blank Surfaces in their entirety. Please subscribe and watch the shows.

For more information about Blank Surfaces and all those who have appeared on the program over the years please visit:

Blank Surfaces episode 19.26 First Played on July 1st 2018