Lance Britt is a writer, director, and producer at Across the Canvas Productions. He is the creator and producer of the entertainment video journal "Blank Surfaces" a program that has been in production since January of 2000. “Blank Surfaces” offers an outlet for aspiring talents of all ages, actors, writers, directors, producers, dancers, models, photographers, musicians, comedians, artist from across the full spectrum of mediums, and all those who have chosen to reach for their endless dreams with a stroke of a pen or a melody of colors cast across a blank surface. The show highlights talent from around the world. Both established individuals and persons who aspire for recognition and who touch people's lives are featured.

“Blank Surfaces” is hosted on the West Coast by Claire Elizabeth Oldham. Our East Coast hosts include Ava Nicole Blackshaer and Kirra Barlow. Ava is a dancer and Kirra is a 2017 NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) National Champions.   Catherine Sewell, an award-winning producer, is one of our on-camera personalities and our educational consultant. Payton Rae is one of our junior correspondents and is also a spokesperson for non-profit endeavors.

"Pleasure Island Conversations" is produced and hosted by Monty Bombelyn. The show began in 2003 and in 2017 Lance Britt was brought on to direct the show.

Other Projects

We produce Public Service Announcement styled shorts for non-profits, commercials for area businesses and international companies, and video projects that focus on music and dance. Our short film Consoling the Stars franchise is designed to showcase up-and-coming talents as they get to work with seasoned professionals and add starring roles to their resumes.

If interested in being a part of what we do just let us know.  We will see what we can do to help you reach for your endless dreams and realize them.