Consoling the Stars
The Consoling the Stars franchise is an on-going film project that was set-up as a way to tell a story about one girls search to find real meaning in her life so she can stand center stage and show the world that she is truly a shining star. As of December 2016 2 versions have been completed Consoling the Stars I that stars Catherine Sewell and Dean Pyles. Consoling the Stars II that stars Sarah O'Brien, Jayda Moody, Taya Fisher, Taylor Long, Amber Wright, and Payton Rae. It includes music performed and arranged by Guy Walker of Guy Walker Studios in Orlando, Florida. Consoling the Stars III went in to production on Christmas Day 2016.   Dean Pyles [Known in the Martial Arts World as Grand Master Pyles holds a 9th Degree Black Belt, is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, a member of Gary Lee's Martial Arts History Museum, a Martial Arts History General, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Actor, and Spokesperson for Eno River Media] has been working with Eno River Media and Across the Canvas Productions for close to a decade.  
Consoling the Stars II
Sarah O'Brien was the leading actress in Consoling the Stars II. It also starred Jayda Moody, Taya Fisher, Taylor Long, Amber Wright, and Payton Rae. Sarah has been working with Across the Canvas Productions for a number of years now and her character from Consoling the Stars II will return in Consoling the Stars III.  She is one of the many talents who work with Across the Canvas Productions that are also spokespersons for Eno River Media. 
Consoling the Stars III
Kimber Bentley is a back-to-back NASKA National Champion 2015 & 2016. She is one of the stars of Consoling the Stars III and a spokesperson for Eno River Media. She was recently the Eno River Media Asheville Film Festival at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College in Asheville, North Carolina. She had a chance to hang out with some of her co-stars Gregory Rowe, Cady Walls, and the Director and Producer for Blank Surfaces on the West Coast Todd Johnson, as well as Anthony Dowling Executive Director Eno River Media.