Lance Britt performed in the band Horizon with Zach Drill and Virginia Drill back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He most recently performed with them again for the first time in decades in Hillsborough, NC along with Zan Mcleod (guitarist on Lance's 1970s album Positive Thinking) and members of Zach Drill and the Bits with special guest percussionist Sky Mcleod, Zan's son.
Virginia Drill is well established musical talent, recording artist, singing, bassist, keyboardist, and writer. She currently performs with the band Zach Drill and the Bits.
The World & The Music

We do what we can to help promote musicians who are kind enough to help with our projects.  Eric Knight with the band Disciples of Babylon has done interviews for our programs in North Carolina and California.  He has been been featured on Blank Surfaces since his solo career and featured performer for the Los Angeles BMI Awards Showcase nearly a decade ago.  Jack Perry has recently been working on music for us with Kevin Hamilton at Artisan Studios in Granite City, Illinois.   Note: 100% of download sales for tracks on the Broken Rocking Chair CD recorded in the late 1990s and remixed and mastered in 2015 will go to support Eno River Media.

Eno "Everyone Needs Opportunity"
Claire Elizabeth Oldham with Eric Knight
Eric Knight has done interviews on Blank Surfaces in North Carolina and In California. For more about Eric Knight and Disciples of Babylon please visit: