Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson’s work with Across the Canvas Productions dates back to the late 1990’s where he kept the East Coast to West Coast connections alive for us as Lance Britt transitioned Across the Canvas Productions from California to North Carolina.  The goal was to bring Hollywood friends with North Carolina connections back East and our East Coast friends things to do in Hollywood. Todd Johnson made this possible by signing on as producer of Blank Surfaces for the West Coast segments. This worked out wonderfully for Noel Baker who was able to work on Blank Surfaces when she relocated from North Carolina to California.  Noel Baker has since returned to North Carolina and has worked with Across the Canvas Productions for over a 15 years.  Prior to Todd Johnson's work on Blank Surfaces for Across the Canvas Productions he worked with is on the Broken Rocking Chair Project when he replaced Sandy Grinn in the lead role. The Broken Rocking Chair Project began in 1997 and Todd did his first shoot in Las Vegas.  Todd Johnson also worked closely with us on The Dash Starlight Television Show. The program started production in March of 1999.  Todd makes trips to North Carolina and while here he makes appearances in our film and television projects. He also works on Blank Surfaces at locations here within the state.  His co-hosts have included, Noel Baker who appeared with him both in North Carolina and in California, Felicia Easter in Mt Airy, and Catherine Sewell in Wilmington, NC.  Bryn Allen was an early host for Blank Surfaces on the West Coast. Currently Todd Johnson is working closely with Claire Elizabeth Oldham. 
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