Across the Canvas Productions was founded in 1978 by Lance Britt

Blank Surfaces

We enter into this, our world, a blank canvas. The watercolors of our young lives are washed away in moments by the tears, laughter, and rain. In our youth, the pastels are replaced with all the shades and hues of a distant rainbow fading across the horizon; the storms we face, along with the sun-drenched skies are calmed with the waves of time. For some, our canvases are layered with bright acrylics and all the grays that blend with each tiny stroke cast by a well-worn brush. Still others paint their days with vibrant oils and leave in their wake pieces of who they were and are yet to become.  ~ Lance Britt  

Across the Canvas Productions

Lance Britt is the writer, director, and Producer of Blank Surfaces.  Blank Surfaces celebrated the start of season 23 on January 6, 2022. Blank Surfaces offers an outlet for aspiring talents of all ages, actors, writers, directors, producers, dancers, models, photographers, musicians, comedians, artist from across the full spectrum of mediums, and all those who have chosen to reach for their endless dreams with a stroke of a pen or a melody of colors cast across a blank surface. The show highlights talent from around the world. Both established individuals and persons who aspire for recognition and who touch people's lives are featured.

Lance Britt

Lance Britt ​grew-up in the entertainment and fashion industries. This included all aspects of film, television, radio, music, stage, fashion, and print media. His aunt and uncle knew Walt Disney and worked with people who ran the studios in Hollywood and New York.  His aunt was a fashion model and accomplished musician. His uncle's invention was a staple of every hotel chain across America including Las Vegas. Las Vegas performers were friends of the family. Since Lance was personally involved in the business of show from birth,  He saw how different people handled talent. He liked best the Disney Model. In the 1970s he ​managed both models and musicians. He begin to consider those he worked with as a family of friends. The concept of show business was something he was a part of.  The money and fame part of the plan was a part of  Lance's inner workings. In the late 1970s after the success of a single Lance wrote and recorded  he ​started Across the Canvas Productions to help others. He  gave access to anyone who wanted to be part of what his company did with only one requirement.  You have to be nice. As part of the requirement it means a person must be able to get along with others. Lance has a strict ​no drama policy.  Lance ​started Across the Canvas Productions because he is passionate about what he does and to help others who have that same passion.  This along with a desire to be a part in some way of the business of show. 

Casting Notice

Wave of Love Festival

Casting Notice: Across the Canvas Productions is looking for talents to help promote the WOLF (Wave of Love Festival) along with all the causes, charities, and worthwhile endeavors the global musical event supports. This includes Youth in Racing. Drivers of all ages are helping the WOLF spread love around the world one lap at a time and Support Youth in Racing. Drivers appearing as part of our support for “Youth in Racing” promotions can let their sponsors know we want to help them promote their business as a way of saying thank you for helping them and their racing family or team. We are supporting any youth in motorsports. Currently we have drivers in Mini Cups, Legends, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, Mud Racers, and Dragsters.  CONTACT FORM


Susan Cheely Follow our Instagram

Susan Cheely explains why Lance Britt of Across the Canvas Productions and Hellmut Wolf of Wolf Entertainment are working together to promote the Wave of Love Festival and all the artist involved. The bands, the stage crews, the on-camera personalities, the videographers, the production personnel, the editors, the venues, the studios, the spokespersons, the staff, the graphic artist, the dancers, the writers, the drivers, and of course the fans.

Racing Across the Galaxy with the Wolf

Susan Cheely interviews Carry Galaxy one of Hellmut Wolf of Wolf Entertainment's newest artist. Her new single Space with be released international on January 17, 2022. Sarah O'Brien talks to Carsen Roberts driver of the #2 mini for Franklin Motorsports out of Florida.

Wave of Love Festival Special Edition

Host: Sarah O'Brien, Susan Cheely, Brooke Norbury, Samantha Beining Guest: Hellmut Wolf, Addy Miller, John Demers, Bob Lowery, Elizabeth Gunter Special Guest: Joe Zaso, Annabel Meehan Drivers: Steven Sullivan #58 U-Car, Summer Sullivan #85 Mini Cup 

Modeling, Acting, Dancing, Singing

April 1, 2021 Episode 22.13  Blank Surfaces Host Alexis Steffan, interviews the band Heart Stop. Joan Reilly interviews the actor, model, dancer, and singer Abbie Major. Updates about Hellmut Wolf of Wolf Entertainment and his Wave of Love Festival. 

Wave of Love Festival

March 25, 2021 Episode 22.12 Spokesmodel Mia Rubython interviews OneGunn. Brooke Norbury interviews the actor, model, competitive cheerleader, and social media influencer Bella Lyn.  Updates about Hellmut Wolf's Wave of Love Festival.

Catch the Wave Across the Great Pond

January 14, 2021 Episode 22.2  Blank Surfaces Host Brooke Norbury, interviews the Austrian musician Nina-Sofie  Berghammer. Updates about Hellmut Wolf of Wolf Entertainment and his Wave of Love Festival.  Additional new artist from the United Kingdom.

The World & The Music with Jack T. Perry

Blank Surfaces featured a segment on each episode titled Jane The World & The Music hosted by Jane Harrison. Her segments first introduced the artist Eric Knight, Mathias Holm Klarin, and Francis Soto.Guy  Now Jack T. Perry will be taking over a host.

Fashion, Art, & Red Carpets

November 05, 2020 Episode 21.45  Blank Surfaces with Mollie Mae, artist Daisy Faith talks about her Iconic Women 2021 Calendar, Bella Lyn reports on her recent work in Hollywood, California. Updates on Jack T. Perry's new drum videos.

Take Me Out to the Softball Field

December 03, 2020 Episode 21.49  Payton Rae takes out to the softball field to explain the game to us who do not know.  Antonia Grace talks about her new 5 song EP released on November 23, 2020 titled London Grace. 

Blank Surfaces

October 22, 2020 Blank Surfaces episode 21.43 features Emory Brown's remote styled interview with Anya Kay the talented young singer/songwriter with Wolf Entertainment.  Other guest include the model Mollie Mae from Birmingham, UK.  

Blank Surfaces Across the Great Pond

October 29, 2020 Emory Brown host a special edition of Blank Surfaces episode 21.44.  She interviews the talented model and aspiring actor Mollie Mae. Mollie Mae interviews the artist Daisy Faith about her new Iconic Woman 2021 calendar.


Across the Canvas Productions has maintained a web presence since April of 1997. We have over 125 websites for the talents and businesses we work with. Social Media sites, blogs, and online stores. To help us help you promote your talents or business endeavors please reach out to us via our  CONTACT FORM 

Current Projects

Blank Surfaces

Season 23 :  Sarah O'Brien, Susan Cheely, Brooke Norbury, Kayla Cameron, MaKenna Antinori, Nina-Sofie Berghammer, Payton Rae, Catherine R. Sewell, Gary F. Cox,  Perry Ball, Robert Dane Goodwin,  Fraser Coull, Mathias Holm Klarin, Jack T. Perry, Clint McLain, Guy Walker, Hellmut Wolf,

and Antonia Grace.

Wave of Love Festival 

Hellmut Wolf  founded Wolf Entertainment over a decade ago to help promote musical artists from around the world. 10 years later his dream has been realized. On September 18, 2021, the Wave of Love Festival began the journey of spreading love across the globe through music.  Across the Canvas Productions is honored to be a part of such a cause and worthwhile endeavor.   Please help us spread the love.  

Pleasure Island Conversations

Across the Canvas Productions has been helping with the production of Pleasure Island Conversation since 2004. In 2017 Lance Britt took over as director of the program.  Monty Bombelyn hosted the program and was executive producer until December 2020. The show features individuals such as Daisy Faith and  Joan Reilly.  

Modeling in the UK 

Abbie Major of  abbie.model.co.uk shares her experiences in the modeling world in the UK. She host segments on Blank Surfaces with models, social media influencers, an artist. Some are originally from the UK but now live in the USA. Others are from around the world.     

Meet the Team

Sarah O'Brien

Sarah O'Brien is an actress, model, and cellist. She has appeared in our film projects, on Blank Surfaces and in our other projects since 2014.

Susan Cheely

Susan Cheely is a model, actress, and athlete. She is a host on Blank Surfaces and featured in other projects for Across the Canvas Productions.

Morgan Odum

Morgan Odum is the driver of  the #17 Mini Cup for Odum's Motorsports.  She regularly appeared on Blank Surfaces from 2018 to 2020.

Carmen Odum

Carmen Odum drives the #17x  Mini Cup for Odum's Motorsports.  She regularly appeared on Blank Surfaces from 2018 to 2020.

Brooke Norbury

Brooke Norbury is a new host. She first appeared on Blank Surfaces in 2020.  She is an actress, musician, and martial artist. 

Mollie Mae

Mollie Mae first appeared on Blank Surfaces in 2020.  Mollie Mae is a model and appears in segments of Blank Surfaces done in the UK.

Jorja Power

Jorja Power first appeared on Blank Surfaces in 2020. Jorja  is an actress, writer, and comedian. She is part of our team in the UK.

Payton Rae Waits

Payton Rae first appeared on Blank Surfaces in 2012.  Payton has appeared in videos and films produced by Across the Canvas Productions. 

Catherine Sewell

Catherine Sewell has been a part of Across the Canvas Productions since 1999.  Catherine is featured in our programs and other film projects. 

Jack T. Perry

Jack T. Perry has been working with Lance Britt since the 1970s. Jack is regularly featured on our shows and other productions.

Hellmut Wolf

Hellmut Wolf of Wolf Entertainment has long list of international talents we feature in our productions. He also assist in production of Blank Surfaces.  

Mathias Holm Klarin

Mathias first appeared on Blank Surfaces when he was playing guitar with Francis Soto.  His contributions to our projects are prodigious.

Marketing & Promotional Services

Across the Canvas Productions offers marketing and promotional services for individuals, businesses, & non-profits. We offer products from the talents & businesses we feature on our programs. Books, Music, Soaps, Posters, Calendars, and unique items which can only be purchased through our company.

The Wave of Love Festival

Susan Cheely at Bobby Watson's Carteret County Speedway with Mylah Provost promoting the WOLF (Wave of Love Festival) "I'm helping the WOLF spread love around the world one lap at a time and supporting youth in racing."

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Walking Among the Stars

Catherine Rogers Sewell

Walking Among the Stars

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Specialty soaps, lotions, & oils made exclusively for Across the Canvas Productions by Sherry's Bath Bakery.

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Lance is a dedicated and experienced director and filmmaker. He has worked in the industry practically all his life and his knowledge and skills reflect it. He has multiple talents that serve him well in the industry.

Catherine Sewell Actor, Author, and Educator 


If interested in being a part of what we do just let us know.  We will see what we can do to help you reach for your endless dreams and realize them. Please fill out the form below.